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Hi-ho, Hi-ho…

March 20th, 2008

It’s back to work I go. As much as I loved them, five days off in a row should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Not the actual being off part. But going back to work is absolute torture.

I have a few emails I have to answer and I want you to know I haven’t forgotten you. I’m working 4 days, then I have 1 day off, then 4 days again, and finally my five days off. The next two weeks are going to be hectic. And Master said I have to find a way to keep up with my tasks. This is not going to be an easy feat.

I got a little irritated about it at first. What do you mean I have to keep up with my tasks? I’m going to be working all day every day. That’s not busy work enough?

Then it occurred to me that I was looking at things wrong. Partly because the more He talked the more it became apparent that I was.

He said that if I can’t keep up with the things He wants me to be doing then I can’t work this schedule anymore. The things He wants come before anything else. Including this job.

And you know, He’s right? A job’s just a job. I can find another job. I’ve never had a problem before. I’ve had jobs just drop in my lap. The main reason I haven’t taken another job since I decided I didn’t want to work here anymore is because this place is so damn convenient. It’s a block away from Master’s house! It takes me two minutes to get there, walking, in good weather. Without a license or a second car I’m going to have to bus it anywhere that’s not in town. That’ll add at least half an hour or more to my travel time both ways. On a bus. By myself. Ew.

He’s insistent that He’s going to keep up with His side of the bargain and I’m desperately trying to keep up with mine. It’s not always easy. I have a temper and vicious tongue but we’re working through it. It seems the more I worry He’s going to let things go because He always did before the more He’s nipping something in the bud before I even realize I’ve done it. I guess it’s time to relax and let Him take us where He wants to go. I hope it’s someplace nice 🙂

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