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Because you asked…

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Will you share more pictures?

The short answer is yes, eventually, I hope. I’m not sure when. Originally the Monday morning photos stopped because of work. I’m off on Mondays now but the tasks have not yet resumed. I’m not sure why. I am, however, glad they stopped. Is that bad? I have serious body image problems and the pics make me feel all sorts of icky. Course, that won’t change Master’s decision of whether or not to resume them. But a girl can hope, right?

Is there anything that you have had to give up for slavery that you sometimes miss?

Smoking. Although I’m not sure that counts. I gave it up of my own free will because I didn’t like the fact that I smelled like an ashtray. Master didn’t smoke so I could only imagine it made it that much worse for Him. Once I quit, I wanted it back but He said no way. I miss that more than anything. And I totally get the camaraderie you were talking about. I remember that very well.

Parties. I miss being a social butterfly.

Being able to set my own schedule.
I miss being able to say “Sure!” when work asks me to cover extra shifts. I feel like having to say “I have to ask my husband.” and eventually “I can’t.” makes me appear extremely irresponsible and undependable. At the same time, I’m glad Master controls that, though. Cause I’ve proven in the past that I’d spend all of my time at work and none of it with Him and that would suck more than being viewed as irresponsible and undependable by a group of people I really don’t have much respect for anyway.

Moving. Not the actual packing and moving to a different house part. That part sucks. But I’ve changed cities and/or states every 6 months to three years since I was two years old. I miss deciding to just pick up and go somewhere new. And the weather in Upstate NY sucks, besides.

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