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“And, always, the words. The talking. The verbal raping of a mind as the body is being used and tormented. The incessant stream of insults and confirmation of what she is and why she’s doing this and what that makes her and how fucking much she loves and needs it, the words that soon have her confirming it herself, screaming out what a filthy whore she is and begging for more.”

If you don’t read A View From the Floor, you should. Carrie almost always puts into words perfectly what I feel. It’s as if she’s opened my head and is taking a tour and parroting back the emotions I can’t verbalize. And she doesn’t even know me! Well, beyond what one can know another from reading a blog, I mean.

I am ashamed to admit I don’t read her daily (or as often as she posts) and I should. Her entry from Tuesday reminded me how important the words are.

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