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The Good Parts

March 1st, 2008

I had plenty more to say about the past few days but I didn’t think the last entry was a good place for it. So you guys get more than one entry from me today! Aren’t you excited.

Last night, when I was thoroughly inebriated and beyond ready for bed, I turned and looked at Master. He stared at me for a minute and then ordered me to the floor. Only this time, He just wanted me close. And He ordered me to hug His leg. The permagrin on my face was no longer caused by the amount of alcohol I had consumed. I sat with my legs and arms wrapped around His calf and my cheek resting on His thigh. After a minute I reached for my blanket and wrapped it around myself and His leg. He made some joking comment about cold pussy and I drifted happily in and out of sleep until He was ready for bed.

This morning I woke to Him lazily stroking my right breast and pinching the nipple lightly. He said, “Baby needs to go make Daddy’s coffee.”

I opened one eye and peered at Him a minute before saying, “I heard Daddy say distinctly that He was gonna make His own coffee and breakfast and let baby sleep!” I giggled as He pinched harder and muttered something about what happens to lying bitches. Today has been a good day.

On Thursday, He told me He was going to beat me sometime yesterday or today. At first, I said I didn’t want Him to… I thought He meant I was going to be punished more than I already had. After laughing at my temporary delusion that my not wanting Him to might stop Him, He asked why not and told me He was going to anyway.

This morning He went into the bedroom and came out with the kangaroo flogger. I was dressed because we have the shades open. He began to whip me over my sweater and fleece plants. It was strangely nice, the slashing pain in my back and buttocks mingling with the ache in my hands that built as I gripped the counter. Then He stopped.

“Show me your ass.”

I lifted my sweater and pushed down my pants till they rested just beneath the cleft of my ass and the folds of my pussy lips. As the whip hit my cheeks I squirmed and the delicious feel of the soft fleece against my pussy combined with the pain of my hands and butt was almost too much to bear. He stopped again.

“Get in the front room.”

I blushed and gripped the waistband of my pants, “But the windows are open.”

“So? Go.”

I let go of my pants and followed His direction. On my hands and knees I took the lash on my bare ass and back in front of wide open windows. I tried not to move. He asked if I wanted pussy hits. I told Him no. He asked if I wanted Daddy hits, meaning the kind He liked most, and I said yes. And it felt so good. I didn’t cry this time, though.

He’s promised to hang me and beat me later. He’s also threatening to fuck my ass like He did when we got home last night. God did that hurt. Since Aunt Flo has come to visit, He’s been destroying my ass hole. It’s been probably four months since He’s fucked my ass. He usually fucks my face instead. And when He does take my ass, it’s usually semi-gently. Not the last two times. He slammed His cock inside, no holds barred and proceeded to obliterate my ability to hold still and relax. And I loved it. I love being fucked so violently that I feel it the next day… and the next day.

* sigh * Yumm.


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