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February 9th, 2008

Worries about being too loud? No more.

The neighbors are gone. Forcibly removed from the upstairs apartment. I feel like Mommy and Daddy went on vacation and left the kiddies at home and we’ve decided to take full advantage of the rents’ absence.

The night they left Master walked into the bedroom, took one look at me bent over adjusting the electric blanket * snicker * and began spanking my ass. Hard. Those big loud smacks I fantasize about when I’m diddling my winks. And then my back and my tits. He rubbed His cock against my cunt and ass and called me all sorts of filthy names between asking if I wanted it. And gods did I.

He shoved His cock into my pussy and I braced myself against the wall and bed and lifted up on tip toe trying to keep my ass cocked in the air without falling. And as He violently fucked His property, His nails raked my flesh and His hands slapped and punched. I moaned as loud as I wanted to without burying my face in the pillows and tried not to wiggle as my legs started to tire. And then I was ordered to my back.

Yesterday was more of the same. Although it started with a blow job. Master ordered me tot he floor to lick and suck at the skin of His legs and feet and when I got to His cock I thought it was my turn to tease. It wasn’t long, though, before I couldn’t resist wrapping my mouth around His cock. And when He came, He did it on my face. Lots of milky semen spurting all over my eyes and lips.

He teased me the rest of the night. And I thought He was going to explode all over my face without my assistance when He reached between my legs and felt my cunt so slick with my own juices that the puffy lips could no longer contain them. He grinned that devious grin and laughed that devious laugh and I shivered with expectation.

It was time for bed and I begged to go to the bathroom. A sharp “No.” knocked me for a loop and then I was ordered to my knees before Him to cum for Him. He kicked my knees further apart to allow Himself a better view and then rubbed His cock all over my face as I rubbed one off. I finished in a shuddering heap with my face pressed against His leg and could barely move when He said “On the bed with your legs spread cunt.” The fucking that ensued ripped screams from my throat as I locked my elbows with the palms of my hands pressed firmly against the wall to keep from being plowed into it with the force of His thrusts.

He keeps threatening long painful sessions with… just whatever He happens to put His hands on. I’m equally excited and terrified. I’ve yet to see the extent of “anything”.

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