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Things I Never Say

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There’s a vast array of things I do and don’t say here to avoid the lectures.  An attempt to make sure the comments I do receive are on point and aren’t a list of all the reasons (real or imagined) what I believe is wrong.  Not lies, per se.  Just realities people tend to point out that, in their minds, negate the way Master and I choose to live and the things we believe.  This entry is an attempt to clear up any miscommunication my omittance may have caused.  I realize not everyone believes as I do and am not in any way saying this is “the way things are”.

What I do say: According to the law, no person may enslave another person, therefore, realistically, I can leave whenever I want.

What I don’t say: I don’t subscribe to this law.  I am not allowed to leave according to Master’s law, the only law I live by, and I am not capable of leaving.  I’ve been mad enough.  I’ve been hurt enough. I’ve been tired enough.  I’ve even had the door held open for me while more force was slammed into my back.  And I stood with my toes behind the line unable to even consider taking that first step over the threshold.  Whether this is because I believe in keeping my word or because I’ve “internalized slavery” I do not know.

What I do say: A slave may leave any time they wish.  Read more…

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