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Master’s Fault?

February 14th, 2008 No comments

<Disclaimer>: This isn’t aimed at anyone, though one of my daily reads did spark it.

Every once in a while I run across something that says, in one way or another, that any failings in a submissive are the fault of her owner. If he had been more consistent, if he had punished her more, if he had trained her right, if he…

Thing is, the failing is the slave’s. And, in some cases, the master twisted himself in every direction to find the best way to train her, trained her, punished her when she fucked up, and she still fucks up. It’s called human nature and it’s no one’s fault. But it is the slave’s responsibility to strive to avoid it. And it’s her responsibility to take her lumps when she can’t avoid it. Not point her finger and say, “Well, if you would have done [this] then I wouldn’t have messed up.”

It’s a beautiful dream. A world in which the submissive has absolutely no responsibility at all. The master does everything for her. He even puts her on the pot and squeezes her stomach so she can shit and piss. And in some cases it’s the main reason girls choose slavery over freedom. But it’s completely ass backwards.

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Not much…

February 12th, 2008 No comments

Not too much to say…

Sunday pretty much sucked. There was an argument and I’m still a little confused how it started. I was beaten more than once for my mouth.

For some reason, all I can think about is the stress we’ve been under lately. But I’ve decided not to whine anymore. Soooo… I guess this is it for now.

It’s nice having someone to lean on, though. It’s nice to not be stressing by myself. Hopefully Master’s four day weekend will help even though I’m only going to be there for half of it.

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February 9th, 2008 No comments

Worries about being too loud? No more.

The neighbors are gone. Forcibly removed from the upstairs apartment. I feel like Mommy and Daddy went on vacation and left the kiddies at home and we’ve decided to take full advantage of the rents’ absence.

The night they left Master walked into the bedroom, took one look at me bent over adjusting the electric blanket * snicker * and began spanking my ass. Hard. Those big loud smacks I fantasize about when I’m diddling my winks. And then my back and my tits. He rubbed His cock against my cunt and ass and called me all sorts of filthy names between asking if I wanted it. And gods did I.

He shoved His cock into my pussy and I braced myself against the wall and bed and lifted up on tip toe trying to keep my ass cocked in the air without falling. And as He violently fucked His property, His nails raked my flesh and His hands slapped and punched. I moaned as loud as I wanted to without burying my face in the pillows and tried not to wiggle as my legs started to tire. And then I was ordered to my back.

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Sick Day?

February 7th, 2008 No comments

My mind is completely blank today. I feel like the poopie. But I went to work because supposedly I can’t claim a sick day if I’m already getting overtime. And we need the overtime.

The other day Master said something like, “Sometimes there are more important things than a slave.” And I sort of saw red for a minute. I recovered pretty quickly and was able to bite back the hot retorts I wanted to spit out. Things like “It only takes a minute to poke your head out of the office and say hello.” and “I’m not just a slave, I’m your wife.” and so on.

Thing is, I was the one who requested to be a slave first and His wife second. I was the one who bitched when the fact that being His wife got in the way of being enslaved (for both of us). So why did those nine words sting so bad?

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Things I Never Say

February 5th, 2008 Comments off

There’s a vast array of things I do and don’t say here to avoid the lectures.  An attempt to make sure the comments I do receive are on point and aren’t a list of all the reasons (real or imagined) what I believe is wrong.  Not lies, per se.  Just realities people tend to point out that, in their minds, negate the way Master and I choose to live and the things we believe.  This entry is an attempt to clear up any miscommunication my omittance may have caused.  I realize not everyone believes as I do and am not in any way saying this is “the way things are”.

What I do say: According to the law, no person may enslave another person, therefore, realistically, I can leave whenever I want.

What I don’t say: I don’t subscribe to this law.  I am not allowed to leave according to Master’s law, the only law I live by, and I am not capable of leaving.  I’ve been mad enough.  I’ve been hurt enough. I’ve been tired enough.  I’ve even had the door held open for me while more force was slammed into my back.  And I stood with my toes behind the line unable to even consider taking that first step over the threshold.  Whether this is because I believe in keeping my word or because I’ve “internalized slavery” I do not know.

What I do say: A slave may leave any time they wish.  Read more…

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