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I’ve been thinking a lot about how things used to be. When Master and I first got together and I thought everything was going to be easy peasy. When I still refused to admit that I was a slave. When I was still trying to pretend I was a bedroom submissive, yet asking permission before I so much as took a breath.

He used to let me sleep in. Well, after the company He worked for was bought and He changed offices and I couldn’t go to the office with Him anymore. The alarm clock was on my side of the bed so I had to wake up just long enough to make sure He got out of bed and then I could go back to sleep. He’d get Himself ready for work, reset the alarm if He had a specific time He wanted me up, come kiss me good bye and head off to work.

He usually left instructions. What time I was supposed to call, what I was supposed to do. Generally speaking, I could do whatever I wanted provided none of it broke the rules I begged Him to give me. While still claiming I was simply submissive.

No more drugs. No drinking without Him around. No sleeping around. And while everyone thought this must put a serious cramp in my style, I was relieved. I was happy. I was content to let Him make my decisions for me, good or bad, and save me from the constant explosions that kept me walking on broken glass nonstop.

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