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Age Play Fantasy… Sort of

January 26th, 2008

There are a lot of these little fantasies like this in my journal. I figured I’d share an excerpt from one with you today.

I want to dress myself in the cutest little baby doll pink dress made for an eight or nine year old and paint my nails baby doll pink to match the dress. Patent leather Maryjanes… white. Pigtails with lots of curls and big pink ribbons.

I want to be sitting in the pinkest, frilliest bedroom with canopies and unicorns. Little pink and purple castles and tiny princesses in the finest gowns. In an open wardrobe made of white oak will hang dress up princess gowns complete with tiara, among other things, the least of which being a sexy little devil costume complete with red fishnet stockings and CFM pumps.

I sit in the center of the bed as You walk in the room. The chain depending from my throat clinks as it resettles when I take in a breath.

You walk toward me and I stare in awe. Your eyes rake my form more times than a few before You throw me to the bed and tear my pretty dress…

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