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January 15th, 2008

For some reason last night I started going through old emails. From like 2003. And I realized we’ve hooked up with some shady chicks. I mean, seriously… nothing but game players.

One girl was dating someone in real life and lying to Master about it.

One was swearing she was finished with the man who owned her when we met her. The circumstances behind their relationship became too much for her (supposedly) and she wanted Master to own her because He seemed to be everything she was looking for. Then she disappeared… and the reason she disappeared is because the man she never left had changed her name. When she turned up again naturally it was our fault and she was horribly rotten about pointing it out.

Another wanted protection but couldn’t seem to follow the very rules she asked to have put on her.

One was playing four or five men against each other and trying to get them to compete for her. When Master refused, she ran to the collar of one man she said she had absolutely no interest in. Cried in my ear about being afraid the channel she belonged to would release her to him and how she didn’t want him to own her, then willingly, and happily, got on her knees and begged for his collar.

So our reluctance to get searching again can be understood, I’m sure. But I’m ready again… and, judging by the fact that Master gave me permission to write a classified ad for us to be posted on His approval, He is too.

I think there should be rules! Okay, just one. NO EXES! We have a habit of pretending we believe the girls we used to date have changed and giving them another chance only to find out they’re doing the same old shit.

So the question is… how exactly does one write a classified ad without sounding like a complete idiot? I guess I’ll be doing some research.

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