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Gorean? A slave’s experience-based opinion…

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I’m not sure we can really consider ourselves “Gorean” anymore. I’m not entirely convinced we ever really were. We share a great many philosophies with the books and spent a bit of time in the rooms but things just sort of fizzled out and we’re back to doing things the way we’ve always done them. Hit and miss, I guess. I think I’ve said all that before.

One of the reasons Master delved into Gorean channels is because of the ridiculousness we dealt with in BDSM channels. We were assured by an old friend that the “slaves” of Gor would never even dream of treating Master the way the older submissives treated him: claiming they were smarter and knew more than Him because they were older; telling Him to sit back and shut up while they told Him “the way things are™”; snarking any dominant they didn’t consider to be “real” or strong enough or manly enough or old enough in public channel as well as in private conversations; trying to talk submissives out of relationships with people they viewed as abusive without knowing all the details… The atrocities go on and on.

You find these behaviors in all walks of BDSM (Much to both sides’ chagrin, Gor does fall under the category of BDSM.), and probably all walks of life, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. On one website we belong to, which caters to BDSM masters and slaves (but also accepts switches, dom/mes and subs) and many believe similarly to Master and I, we’ve had submissives exclaim how much better they are than me, tell Master how ignorant He is, order Master to “handle” me because they think I’m out of line in the way I speak to them. In a channel or two, we’ve had disgruntled “slaves” launch all out wars between Master and their owners (and their owners’ friends) over things like Master refusing to be treated like a slave Himself by a submissive, treating other slaves as He treats me (like a bauble rather than a precious gem), or just plain saying something the “slave” didn’t like. That’s neither here nor there.

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