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Love It!

January 6th, 2008

I often find myself forgetting about things we do or places we go until I’m staring at my deviantART page and one of Master’s pictures happens to be showing in my random favorites. Today this picture was there and I remembered how much I love this place.

A tree on the edge of a cliff

(Click to enlarge)

Something about this lone tree sitting almost on the very edge of the cliff. I just love it.

Master tends to get bored with places easy. “Let’s go [here].” is often answered with “But we’ve been there a hundred times already.” I love the Helderberg Escarpment. I could sit up there for hours and just stare out over Schenectady, Albany, parts of Vermont, and, on a clear day, parts of Massachusetts. The view is so amazing. And this crazy peace that I rarely feel comes over me. I think sometimes He thinks it’s boredom and not the utter contentment I really feel.

And even though it absolutely kills my legs, I love to walk down the Indian Ladder Trail. Unfortunately, the trail closes in the winter. It’s not the easiest trail to maneuver on the best of days. With the snow and ice I’m sure it’s a death trap.

Yeah…. Let’s go there.

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