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Master was home yesterday too. I begged Him to stay with me instead of going to work and He surrendered (mostly because He didn’t want to go either). He’s home today but He decided to download the expansion to World of Warcraft so I have a little time to get things done. And He just said He’s got 24 minutes to go on the download which means I have about an hour and 24 minutes.

I just got over the dreaded monthly beast and this time around was brutal. For some reason Aunt Flo often brings with her Uncle Apathy and Uncle Apathy is a bastard. When he comes, he always shows up at least two weeks before Aunt Flo and always overstays his welcome. Though I almost always have something to say on a good day, Uncle Apathy steals my thoughts without a moment’s notice. I go days at a time not caring about anything or anyone and wondering what. The fuck. Is wrong with me. And for some reason, even though it happens more often than not, I still sit there frantically going over things in my mind and wondering why I just don’t give a fuck.

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