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December 29th, 2007

It’s colder than a witch’s tit in here! Ooo… and I should light more incense. Daddy bought me a little incense box a week or so ago. One of those boxes that you put your stick or cone incense in and it catches all the ashes… and underneath is a compartment to hold the sticks. I love it. A pretty little accessory to any disheveled office desk or beautifully finished coffee table. (Plus! Clean up’s a snap now that the ashes don’t fall all over the place.)

Today’s been a pretty awesome day, despite my stupid cramps. Daddy woke me by snuggling into my back, nuzzling into my throat and whispering in my ear “I want baby’s mouth on my cock.” I kissed Him then and He told me to turn to face Him. His hand cupped the top of my head and guided my mouth right to where He wanted it and I took care of Daddy’s cock before I even opened my eyes.

We spent the day just passing time together. We went to the photography store a little bit away and picked up a closeup set for the camera. He’s been playing with it most of the night. We went walking and Daddy made me unzip my coat and lift my bra and shirt. Outside. In the snow. So He could take pictures. I could feel my nipples getting hard. Not to mention the slow simmer in my pussy. He used to threaten to make me strip so He could take pictures outside but He never actually did it. I think I’d convinced myself that He never actually would.

We went out to dinner and then to the store and when we got home I started sucking Daddy’s cock again. I was sitting in my chair and He told me to get on my knees and called me a lazy cunt. It’s been a long time since He’s stood over me while I knelt before Him and sucked Him off. It was slightly uncomfortable (okay, more than slightly) and the discomfort only served to make me horny as hell.

At some point, I knelt up and started rubbing my tits on His cock. He liked that. He said, “Make me cum on those big tits, slut.” I alternated between sucking His cock to get it nice and wet and fucking Him with my tits. When He came, I rubbed Daddy’s cum all over my chest. He told me to lick Him clean and I sucked and slurped…

Now I’m making honey whole wheat bread in the bread machine. Daddy’s considering having me bake bread from now on instead of buying bread in the store. It’s so much better for you. Less preservatives.

We were drinking dessert coffee and messing around with a fractal program. Just a blissful day.

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