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Friendships, Love and Slavery

December 20th, 2007 No comments

I think my biggest problem lately is I’ve pretty much completely isolated myself. I don’t know how to make friends and the friendships I do have usually happened completely by accident. I have all sorts of coworkers that I’d at least call acquaintances,and a few that I call “friend”, but when it comes right down to it they’re all vanilla and I really can’t comfortably talk to them about the BDSM part of our relationship. A person can only handle so many “My man would never even dream of controlling me.” comments before they want to start ripping people’s eyes out.

Well, that’s great. Bully for you. But I LIKE that my Man controls me. I LIKE that He’s not afraid of His masculinity. I LIKE that He makes the decisions, even when I don’t like the decisions He makes. I wasn’t asking what you like. You, quite honestly, do not matter in the grand scheme of Master and rayne’s relationship.

So I turn to the BDSM community online (since we’ve really not ventured out into the real life part aside from joining a munch mailing list) and I find myself balking at the possibility of having people to talk to there. Very few places you go online are just people discussing the things they do. People helping people. Everyone’s snarky and snippy and “I’m so much better than you.”y and it just seriously pisses me off.

“I would NEVER do it that way and that makes me a better <blank> than you so I win! Kthxbye!”

Fuck you in your holier than thou cunt with a pine cone covered in cinnamon oil and razor blades.

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