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Five Years

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Five years ago today, Master and I got married.

It was a dinky little wedding. There were more strangers there than people we knew. We decided to hold it during a regular Pagan gathering. A friend of ours married us. He charged us less than he usually charges people and advertised well so we’d have a nice reception. People we didn’t know brought us food. A lady and gentleman we’d literally just met made a tape of our wedding and gave it to us for free. And my coworkers bought me shoes.

We had our bachelor and bachelorette party at home… by ourselves. We got completely wasted while we baked our own wedding cake and had to scrape off the first attempt at writing “Congratulations L and L” on the cake because I spelled Master’s name wrong. I forfeited the chance to buy the medieval gown I wanted so badly in order to move up the wedding so at least one of the two people Master absolutely wanted there could be – which, unfortunately, meant my mother and sister couldn’t be. And Aunt Flow decided she wanted to be there as well.

Yet here we are, five years later, celebrating what started out as an interesting mess and probably would still be considered an interesting mess by some. Happy. In love. And Master just bought me a new living room set! ::laughs::

Happy Anniversary, Master. I’m so blessed to be yours.

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