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The other day on one of the websites I frequent one of the thread topics was expectations. I think the author expected a number of “slaves aren’t allowed expectations” answers, and quite possibly could have gotten them, but, it being little more than a fluff site, mostly got real answers with lists of what submissives expect from their dominant partners. Naturally, it got me thinking.

I’ve been known to say, a time or two, that slaves don’t have the right to expectations beyond what was agreed upon before begging the collars of their owners. And in a perfect world, every slave would live by this. In a perfect world, every slave would just be a slave and there wouldn’t be so many differing opinions on what exactly that meant. But this isn’t a perfect world and slaves are human beings. And because of that, there are, on occasion, all sorts of displeasing things we do. Including forming lists of expectations, be they attainable or not.

For example, we expect domination in return for our submission. A very natural expectation from where I sit. We’ll disregard the fact that the very idea of expecting something in return negates the idea of submission being a gift. That’s another argument for another time. What if our dominant partner’s idea of domination is different than ours? We expect them to dominate us in the way we want to be dominated without fail. It’s human to want things our way. But while we expect to have our needs met, we often forget there’s another party involved who also desires to have their needs met. Another dominant party.

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