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A Slave’s Fantasy Part 3

December 8th, 2007


The truck jerked to a stop, slamming the girl into the front of the cage and she cried out softly. The blanket was yanked off the top of the box and the box was unloaded. She blinked in the sunlight and resisted the urge to cover herself as the silhouettes of people came into focus. As she looked left and right she noticed that there were many vehicles with men and women unloading slaves in various states of dress and undress. Only one other girl was in a cage but that girl was fully clothed. She knew of the dark underground trade of owned flesh her master had a hand in but had never been to a gathering. She began to wonder if she was to be sold this night.

“Ahh… Jarvis. So good to see you.” She watched as her owner grasped the hand of the man called Jarvis and smiled at the obvious respect Jarvis held for Master. “Where should I put my Jasmine?”

“Matt! Matthew, over here!” a female voice called out and the slave turned to see who was calling Master’s name.”

“Isabell, it never ceases to amaze me how quick you are to interrupt men while they’re talking shop.”

The woman’s face colored and Jasmine covered her mouth pretending to yawn to hide a smile. “I’m sorry, Matthew. Carry on.”


“Oh… I’m sorry. This is your Jasmine? God, Matt, she’s beautiful. She’ll be a display piece tonight. I’ll show you where.”

The two men with the girl’s owner began to escort the cage following only a few paces behind Jarvis and Matthew. Jarvis began to address Jasmine and she listened intently.

“Unless you’re told, there is no specific position you’re expected to hold, slave. However, you are to be attentive. Make sure the guests know that you’re watching them just as they are watching you. And make each and every one of them think you love them best, second to your owner.”

He paused and she filled the pause the only way she knew how, “Yes, Master.”

“They’re allowed to touch you, and will.” Here he paused and looked at Matt. “Should I put her in the ‘no fucking’ zone?”

Matt glanced at his slave and smiled, “Put her where ever you like.”

Jarvis started again. “They’re allowed to fuck you provided they use protection. We require regular testing but it’s not always perfect. Scat is not allowed here, but some may piss on you. They are not allowed to force you to drink their piss or cum. For that they need Matt’s permission.” He turned and looked at Jasmine and smiled seeing her face pressed attentively to the bars. “Some of these fuckers are downright brutal. They are not allowed to cause permanent damage without permission from Matt. And I’m putting you in the no breaking zone because, from what Matt tells me, you’re damn precious flesh.”

“Thank you, Master.” she whispered. She looked up at her owner with grateful eyes. “And you, Master of me.”

“They’re only allowed twenty minutes with each slave and one turn a piece. If any of them should go against these rules, you’re to scream ‘red’ as loud as your little lungs will allow. Understood?”

“That won’t be necessary. Martin and Jefferey are not leaving her side.”

“But Matt…”

“No. No buts. The last time I brought a slave to one of these things I had to put her down. A hundred won’t cover this one, Jarvis, and you’re not prepared to pay what she’s worth on the market. Martin and Jefferey will not be leaving her side.”

Jarvis, obviously unhappy, gave in. “Fine. But she is still to scream. And you’ll make sure your goons don’t do anything irreparable to them. They’ll be handled they way we handle our people, understood?”

“Of course, Jarvis. The men have never met her before today. There’s no emotional connection so their only interest is protecting their own hides.”

Jasmine let her eyes wander and she almost gasped when she saw the thin silver collars around Martin and Jefferey’s throats. They, too, were slaves. Or at least in submission to her owner in some way. She knew they would no doubt do everything in their power to protect her. She’d seen what Master does to male slaves who disobeyed him. She began to wonder at the comments they’d made in the house.

“Ahh… here we are. She’ll be on this table. It’s sturdy enough to hold her doing pretty much anything.” He turned back to Jasmine. “Do you dance?”

“When Master commands it of me.”

“You may dance here if you like. You may do pretty much anything you wish when no one is at your table. Somehow I doubt, however, that you will spend very much time with no one at your table.”

“All right slave, present your nipples.”

Jasmine pulled herself into a kneel on the bottom of the cage, her thighs spread wide, and swept her thin fingers up over her stomach and under her large breasts. She poked each rapidly hardening nipple through the bars and gasped as one of the belled clamps closed around the left one. He turned the screw loosening the grip just enough to allow her to wear the clamp for a while, then clipped the other one on and adjusted it as well. Then he nodded sharply to one of the men and he came around front to unlock the door.

Master reached for her hand and pulled her out of the cage. Then he placed her on the table with her legs spread wide. “Fold your arms behind your back and lift your chin high. You’ll stand this way until Martin orders you to another position or someone wants to use you.” He turned to Martin. “Nothing with her legs closed.” As he turned to leave, he ran his finger over her clit sending a shudder through her body, then slipped through the crowd, leaving her in the hands of strangers.

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