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Difficult Slave

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In the beginning, Master asked before He did things. We were still feeling each other out. Still learning where the boundaries (or lack thereof) were. Still figuring out when we could stretch and what was too far. And He asked before trying things out on me.

Somewhere along the line, He stopped asking. Instead He would tell me. Telling me before became telling me while He was doing it and eventually that went away as well. Sometimes I have warning. Master orders me into cuffs or sends me off to get whatever it is He wants to use. But more often than not He’s slapping the cuffs on me Himself. Retrieving His toys while I’m waiting patiently (not so much) where ever He left me.

I noticed each transition and I balked at each one. I don’t mind change so much. Change is also good a lot of the time. But I can’t always see the good right away. I usually start by seeing the scary.

Change, in a nutshell, is scary.

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