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A Slave’s Fantasy Part 2

December 1st, 2007


The black material fell before her and she cried out, “Master!”

One of the men lifted the blanket again and chuckled softly as the girl inside offered up her perfectly painted lips to be kissed.

“That reminds me…” her owner wandered away and the girl held her position waiting patiently for his lips to touch hers, the sign that she may return to what she was doing before she begged for a kiss. When he returned, he was carrying a small compact, the tubes of lipstick and gloss she’d applied just moments before and a couple tissues. He crouched down and handed the things he’d gathered to the slave, then pressed his lips to hers in a savage kiss that left her breathless.

“Thank you, Master. ” she whispered as she lifted one of the tissues to his lips.

He took the tissue from her hand and smiled. “Silence, slave.”

She nodded and quickly reapplied the lipstick before being plunged into darkness once again. She felt the box rolling toward the front door and gasped as she realized how far they were going to have to take her to load her in the truck. What if the wind blew the blanket off? Her heart began to pound and she could feel her pussy begin to moisten the leather holding in the dildo. She heard the front door open was wheeled out onto the porch.

She sat with her legs folded beneath her daring the blanket to fly off when she noticed it moving. Soft clicks at the corners told of the clasps that would hold her only protection closed. The girl lost her balance and fell backward biting down on her lips to resist crying out as the box slid easily down a ramp on the front stairs. She decided to lay down until the box was loaded safely into the truck.

The box tilted the other way this time as it glided up a ramp into the back of the SUV and the girl braced herself with her feet to keep from slamming into the door. When she heard the hatch slam shut she sat up again, reveling in the darkness that was to be her transportation.

She listened to the cars whizzing by. Did their drivers wonder what was in the box so carefully transported into the truck? And how many had guessed correctly?

Two hours went by, unbeknown to the slave, and she could barely hear the men’s conversation over the radio. Nothing they said gave any indication of where they were taking her. They spoke of traffic and work and their lives at home. One man talked about his vanilla wife and the slave he kept in their basement. He laughed about how jealous his wife was and how horribly she treated the slave. The girl in the box smiled remembering the days when her owner had a vanilla lover and how beautifully painful it was when he returned home from their dates smelling of her. She remembered sucking her taste off his cock as he murmured softly of how he wished she, too, was submissive. She remembered the thrashing she got when the woman had pissed him off and he needed a whipping post to let out his anger. And she remembered being surprisingly disappointed when he decided it was over.

Lost in memory, she drifted off to sleep for a while. When she woke, they had stopped and the blanket was lifted from the back of the box. She blinked in the sudden blinding light and looked bewildered as a door on the back of the cage swung open. She hadn’t noticed it before.

“Crawl out backwards.”

She did as the voice commanded, still unable to see who’d opened the door. She felt the strap being removed and the plug and dildo sliding out of their respective orifices.

“You weren’t kidding. She’s soaked!”

Her cheeks flamed crimson as her owner’s voice commanded “Out and kneel on the grass.”

She hurried to do as he told her, trying to ignore the openness of the area they were in. One of the men she didn’t know clipped a leash to her collar and she smiled up into his handsome face, her eyes finally adjusted to the light.

“You haven’t asked to go to the bathroom yet.”

“No, Master. I fell asleep.”

“Well, this is our only stop unless there’s an emergency. I’ll be walking you while your owner takes care of some things.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you.”

He tugged on the leash and led her through the grass. She looked around for a more concealed spot to do her business and eventually gave up and squatted in the middle of the clearing. The man handed her a box of wipes when she was through and she carefully cleaned herself up.

“Would you like something to eat?”

Her stomach answered him and she giggled softly, “I guess so, Master.”

He smiled down at her as he collected the used wipes in a plastic bag and led her back to the truck. She climbed into the cage as he rifled through a couple of duffel bags. After closing and locking the door, the man hand fed her a small protein bar, then clasped the blanket back into place. Her belly full and her bladder relieved, she curled up on the mat and slipped off to sleep again, this time with her head toward the front.

She didn’t feel the truck start moving again and was still sound asleep when it stopped. She jerked awake and gasped as hands closed around her waist, jerked her hind quarters out of the cage, positioned her on her knees and a cock plunged into her pussy. She never saw the man’s face but recognized the long, hard thrusts as those of her owner. He shoved her back into the cage along with the box of wipes and growled, “Clean up.” before slamming the door shut and dropping the blanket back into place. Then the truck started moving again.

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