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A Slave’s Fantasy Part 1

December 1st, 2007


She stood in the shower shaving her pussy with extreme care and smiled as the simple act of shaving moistened her lips. As she washed and rinsed her hair and body she paid special attention to her pussy and ass making sure they were perfectly clean, having done two enemas just before getting into the shower. When she stepped out and began her ritual of getting ready she gasped at what lay atop the washing machine.

Bells. Lots of them. Belled earrings and a belled belly chain. Two belled bracelets and two belled anklets. Belled nipple clamps and a set of bells that was obviously supposed to clip on her collar. And the slave stared in awe at all the bells. She reached out to touch one and snatched her hand back as the door flung open, the one who owned her filling the frame.

“Go ahead, cunt. Put them on. Except these.” He picked up the clamps. “I’m putting these on. And make yourself pretty. We’ve got a bit of a drive ahead of us.”

“Yes, Master.” And she lifted the first earring and slipped it into her lobe clasping the back so it wouldn’t fall out.

She noticed Master was all dressed up and wondered where he was taking her. She began to hum a soft tune as she slipped each of the items on each corresponding body part and then turned to the mirror and began fiddling with her hair. In the reflection, she saw him slip the clamps into a small pouch attached to his belt before stepping up behind her.

“Take special care today, slave. I will not be embarrassed.”

“Yes, Master.” she smiled at his reflection and began to carefully apply her makeup. Master swatted her ass and went back to getting things ready.

When she stepped out of the bathroom and crossed the kitchen making way to the bedroom, her blue eyes widened at the two men standing in the dining room.

“Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t aware that we had company.” she turned to flee back the way she came when Master stepped into the dining room.

“Uh uh, slave.” She froze. “Nadu.”

She spun to face the men and fell to her knees, the bells clinging to her quickly heating flesh jangling wildly with the motion. As she thrust her breasts out and shoulders back, she flung her thighs apart revealing the bare lips of her pussy. With her head high, she laid the backs of her hands atop the widely parted knees and locked her gaze to the floor before her. She could feel their eyes feasting on her flesh and felt the blush begin at her toes.

“She’s definitely seductive.”

“Some guys have all the luck.”

“And to think she came to me of her own free will.”

“Well, that’s no fun. I like the chase. The capture. Forcing them to submit the first time and eradicating all hope of escape.”

“Oddly enough, she doesn’t want to escape. She likes being a slave.”

She only half listened to the rest of the conversation as she knelt there waiting for the next order. One of the men left the room and when he returned, he was wheeling in a box covered with a large black blanket. He lifted the front of the blanket and swung open the door and she stared at the interior of the box.

There were bars on all sides but the floor was flat and there was a thin cushion that fit perfectly on the bottom. In one corner was a small pillow and a thin folded blanket and attached to the bars in another corner was a water bottle similar to the kind you’d find in a hamster cage. She looked up uncertainly at her owner and he smiled.

“Inside, slut.”

“Yes, Master.” she whispered.

As she climbed inside, she felt hands groping her ass and cunt and then fingers thrusting into her hole. She gasped as a plug was pushed into her ass and a dildo replaced the fingers in her pussy. A leather strap was pulled between her legs and cinched tight around her waist and a hand met her ass in a firm slap which got her moving forward again.

“Perfect.” Master’s smiling voice said. “She can sit up and lay down, provided she keeps her knees bent, but she can’t stand.” He swung the door shut and dropped his padlock into the clasp. “And she can’t escape.”

Immediately, she pressed her face to the bars and grasped one in each hand. “Master?”

“Yes, slave?”

“How long will we be driving?”

“A few hours at least.”

“What if I have to go to the bathroom?”

He smiled at her. “You’ll be inside the truck. We’ll be able to hear you. Just ask permission. However, if you get too chatty…” He purposely hooked a penis gag onto his belt while she watched. “For the ride, you’re not to be seen or heard. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

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