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Sexy Morning

November 30th, 2007

An excerpt from last night’s journal entry:

The day started awesome. I woke up a few minutes early so I got up, did a few dishes and took the trash out. Then I came in and peeked in on Master to see if He was awake. He was laying with His back to me and I was overcome with this need to touch and taste. I wanted to press against Him and lick and kiss.

I snuggled my body against His and pushed the blankets off. And I began to run my tongue along the flesh of His back. I worked around His shoulder and along the side of His throat. Tasting the warm, smoky scent of sleep sweat in my wide awake nostrils.

I gently dragged my fingernails along His sloped side and up His spit-slick spine. My tongue danced as my lips tickled over the thin, dark, curled patches of hair resting at the base of His shoulder blades.

A man’s man. Curled comfortably against the swell of my breasts. Moaning huskily with the gravel of sleep still clinging to His throat. And as each sweep of my tongue dragged out another sex-filled moan, the ache between my lonely legs set itself to a dull, insistent roar.

Eventually, He turned to His back. His eyes met mine for just a moment before the palm of His hand guided my mouth to His cock. When my tongue met His shaft He began to push aside the waistband of my pants so His hand could meet flesh. I pushed myself up and asked almost with a begging whine, “Do you want me to take my clothes off?” Hoping the answer would be yes and knowing that the ache swelling my pussy lips would not be quelled this morning I silently listened, hoping. And it came. And my clothes couldn’t have come off faster.

My already itching fingers ripped my shirt over my head and swept my pants to my feet. Naked finally, I climbed back in bed and cupped His balls in my hand as my lips met His standing prick. The moan that filled the air spurred me forward as His nails dug into the flesh of my back.

When it was finished, I was kissing His belly till He cried out “Mouth!” and with the instincts of a baby when searching for the nipple I clasped my lips around His dick and sucked till He filled me up, then swallowed slowly until He tugged me away by the hair. I laid beside Him and grinned from ear to ear. These are the mornings I love so much. When I’m merely used as a cum deposit and brushed aside as He starts His morning routine.

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