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Sexy Morning

November 30th, 2007 No comments

An excerpt from last night’s journal entry:

The day started awesome. I woke up a few minutes early so I got up, did a few dishes and took the trash out. Then I came in and peeked in on Master to see if He was awake. He was laying with His back to me and I was overcome with this need to touch and taste. I wanted to press against Him and lick and kiss.

I snuggled my body against His and pushed the blankets off. And I began to run my tongue along the flesh of His back. I worked around His shoulder and along the side of His throat. Tasting the warm, smoky scent of sleep sweat in my wide awake nostrils.

I gently dragged my fingernails along His sloped side and up His spit-slick spine. My tongue danced as my lips tickled over the thin, dark, curled patches of hair resting at the base of His shoulder blades.

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