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Releasing Oneself?

November 20th, 2007 Comments off

The main reason I go to other blogs and forums and such is to associate with people who have similar views to Master’s and mine. I assume this is the main reason most of us do it. However, a close running second is to find fodder for blog entries of my own. We recently had a doozy on one of the forums we frequent.

A slave wrote a long, whiny (from my perspective) post, most of which was copy/pasted emails from her owner. She wasn’t happy with the order she had received to whore herself in local bars, and decided to “release herself” from his ownership by refusing to respond to his messages. She went on to question the man’s domliness, and to publicly ridicule him on the forum. She also called on the members of the website to stop associating with him, in essence asking for him to be banned.

I scoffed. I fumed. And I promptly responded. Did you really think I’d keep my big mouth shut on that one? ::laughs:: Read more…

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