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November 13th, 2007

Not quite finished, though you can read what’s there now if you like. Will be finishing it tonight when I get home from work, provided I have time. If not, I’ll definitely finish it tomorrow before work.

I haven’t really talked much about my daily tasks. I don’t always get them done. The news, TDG and studying WS is actually rather easy, truth be told. But quite often, even when I start the second I get out of bed, I run out of time for blogs and writing. And the pictures never get done anymore. There’s not time.

That last is a bummer. I love the pictures. I hated deciding what to do in them. I’m not a sadist and I’m not particularly good at making up my own humiliating tasks. I prefer to be told what to do to and then do it. Hence my being a slave and not a dominatrix. And everything’s been done. Maybe not by me, but definitely by someone. And we just need more toys. Period. This is the thought process I go through when trying to figure out what to suggest to Master. I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining why it’s difficult for me. Course, if everything about being a slave was easy, everyone would be a slave.

Like today, for example. I’m now out of time to blog because I wrote first. I’ll finish this when I get home. I’m writing myself a note now 🙂

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