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Scene Write Up

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Yesterday was beef stew for dinner. Which means that if I want dinner ready almost exactly when Master gets home (I’m off on Friday and Saturday), everything has to go in the slow cooker at 9:15am. I forgot. I forgot until I went into the kitchen and saw the slow cooker sitting on the stove. It was 10:30 when I got everything in the pot and turned on, pushing dinner time to 6:30. A full hour after He got home. That could be hazardous to my health.

Not because dinner was supposed to be ready by the time He got home. But because that gives Him a full hour between when He walks through the door and when He sits down to eat to do whatever it is He wants with my body while He’s still wired from work. While He still has energy. And the second “You should be naked, slut.” left His lips, almost as soon as He stepped in the door, I realized He planned to take advantage.

“Come over here and spend some time on the floor.” He said. And I cringed a little as I scrubbed the lip gloss from my lips. His voice had that tone that says, I have an idea. And my stomach fluttered nervously as I realized it meant He wouldn’t reveal His plans until the minute He was ready to.

I curled up at His feet and licked and kissed His thigh as He searched online for a new game to play. I remember getting annoyed because He always makes it seem like He’s ignoring me when I’m on the floor, which is well within His right. And then He told me to rub my tits on Him (“Let me feel those big tits, cunt.”) and the annoyance was gone. Overcome by embarrassment. Humiliation.

It wasn’t long before He sent me on my way to find something for Him to hurt me with. I asked what He wanted and He said “Surprise me.” I knelt before the toy trunk and stared as my pussy got wetter and wetter and my body began to tremble with anticipation and I wished I didn’t have to choose. Choosing the implement of torture He uses on my body fills me with so much anxiety. What if it’s not what He wanted? What if it’s more than I can handle? What if…

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