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Master called His safeword!

November 8th, 2007 No comments

Today kind of sucks. I’m sick and exhausted and have absolutely no idea what to blog about so, unfortunately, you guys might be subjected to another babble session. I’ve had this cold for a while but it ebbs, then springs back up to kick me in the ass, then backs off again.

I meant to paint ladybugs on my fingernails today but I’ve been so busy putting ID on a bunch of blog directories that I completely forgot about it. Shameless self-promotion is never a bad thing, I always say, even if it means the ladybugs wait another day.

I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never be considered a “good worker” at any job I have simply because my time is not my own and I can’t always rush to the aid of my employer when she decides she doesn’t want to go to work. I’m not entirely sure why with 7+ people clocked in at the moment, at least three of which are just plain redundant, they so desperately need me to fill in. I’m also not entirely sure why with 4 hired cooks it always falls to me to cover the shifts dropped by the others. If they want me to act as a manager I think it’s high time they pay me as one. And get rid of the acting manager since she never seems to want to work anymore.

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