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Status Report

November 6th, 2007

I don’t put things into words as well as I’d like. I’m not sure what that means, only that I listen to other people speak and read other people’s writings and I realize that I’m not very good at explaining what I mean. An example would be the grammar war I stuck my nose in on an art site Master and I belong to.

The quote in question was “…it is actually one my friend C did of my daughter and myself…” and someone piped up and said it should read “daughter and me”. “Daughter and me” is correct, because had the person been speaking of himself only the quote would have read “…it is actually one my friend C did of me…” I can’t seem to get across why it should be daughter and me and not daughter and I. People apparently paid attention when their teacher said you should put the other person before yourself in a sentence (because it’s grammatically correct to do so) but ignored the part about using I or me as you would use them if you were only talking about yourself. Anyway… that’s not important (aside from grammatical errors driving me insane).

Things have been a little weird around here. I’m in trouble less than normal but I’m also a little more outspoken than normal and I’m just waiting for Master to say, “Okay I’ve had enough of your feelings. Shut up.”

He’s decided He’ll be cleaning out the closet so He has a place to put me away. I’m not looking forward to it. Being mostly fearless, the small space doesn’t bother me, aside from being all sorts of cramped afterward. I’m not very good at entertaining myself so I’m worried about the boredom. And heaven forbid I should have trouble falling asleep on the nights He puts me in there to sleep. I’ll have no way of knowing how much time has passed.


At the same time, the idea is intriguing. I’ll have a little slave space where He can stick me when I’m in trouble or He’s tired of me or He just wants to put me away for a while. It makes me feel much more like a toy than I have previously.

My job has become a major point of contention. It seems the less we’re paid, the more we’re expected to do. It’s now become a requirement that should we run out of things to do in the kitchen before it’s time for us to leave, we have to go ask the PCAs and the housekeeper if they have anything they need done. We’re also required to be at a meeting every Friday at 1pm that can last anywhere from thirty minutes to four hours. I got lucky last Friday. It was only two and a half hours. But at least forty-five minutes to an hour of the meeting was C talking on the phone while we sat there staring at each other. Master’s given me permission to go to the one this Friday because the fire chief will be there watching our fire drill, but beyond that I’m not allowed to go anymore. They’re going to have to brief me on Thursday or something.

On top of that, C has decided to have regularly scheduled “cleaning parties” on the weekend. She’ll feed the volunteers pizza and we get paid for it, but I scheduled my days off for Friday and Saturday for a reason. It’s bad enough that I always have to work one weekend day and I don’t get home until two hours after Master does. And they started the new girl in the kitchen making more money than I do while I’ve not seen the raise I was promised and I’ve been there for eight months.

So, He’s trying to decide what He’s going to have me do. I can already give Him every answer they’re going to have for the questions He wants me to ask. They can’t shift my schedule around anymore than they already have. They can’t give me a raise until the facility’s full (Though it says nothing like that in the handbook… it just says a raise after 90 days and each consecutive year after that.). The problems with T are things I’m just going to have to learn to deal with. And I have to work at least one weekend day. It’s time for me to move on.

I found a blog written by a Dom and I’ve been reading through it a bit. So far, I like it because he doesn’t apologize for who he is and he’s not afraid to admit he likes it rough. And he’s not once said one should afford a slave respect.

I wish Master wrote more. I love it when He posts to forums. People used to tell me I have it easy… till they heard from Him. Then they’re like “Sheesh! No wonder you’re so set in your opinions!” It’s kind of hard not to be when they’re drilled into your head day in and day out.

I want more pictures. Lots more pictures. At the same time, I don’t want anyone to see my naked body ever. But I’m not sure what good the pictures will do. I rarely ever mark, regardless of how hard or how much Master hits me. Of course, pictures of me with various instruments of torment on my body (wax, clamps, clothespins, etc.) might be interesting. One of these days I plan to wander around the house and take pictures of the various places I’m chained (with or without me chained in place) and the various things Master uses on my backside (and sometimes my frontside).

Annnnnd I really, really want the new site up. Perhaps I should give Master a slight nudge?

Anyway… I’m just babbling and I need to go get in the shower. Have a great day!


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