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The day sucked. The evening was better. The sex was incredible.

We went to bed horny night before last and woke up horny yesterday morning. I don’t remember much of Thursday night. I was utterly wasted. I was used but I was so useless that Master had to go clean Himself up (usually my job). It’s funny how when He mentioned fucking me the first question I asked was “Was I wet?” then “Did you enjoy it?” and finally “How’d you clean up?” The last was really just because I remember barely being able to stumble onto the bed and couldn’t fathom being able to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom, stand in place long enough to wet a washcloth, then walk back to the bedroom, clean Him up, then back to the bathroom to clean myself up and put the washcloth in the washing machine and finally back to the bedroom again.

He likes it when I’m wasted. I can’t resist and I can’t always participate so it’s as close to rape as we can get seeing as I always want Him to fuck me. Although, we must never forget the nights I’ve woken up completely disoriented and tried to fight Him off not knowing who it was that was trying to use me. I love that after attempting (and failing) to get me to wake up enough to realize who He was He just kept on using me until I realized on my own. Sort of removes any question of whether or not He would take me, His property, whether I want Him to or not.

Yesterday I had a mandatory meeting at work. I always thought mandatory meant mandatory but the weekend PCAs didn’t even know about it (I wasn’t told until Thursday) and there were a few people who just didn’t bother showing up. Yet I got a dirty look when I told the stand in administrator that I wouldn’t be able to make it every Friday. Fridays are the only days I get to go out to eat with Master (even though we always have a tag-along) and Master is not willing to give up His lunches with me for a job He doesn’t want me to have in the first place.

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