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Our Trip!

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Ok so I lied. Well, I wrote exactly what Master said to write so… Master lied? In all actuality, Master and I had no real idea of just how little time we’d have once our park hopping got into full swing. I haven’t been to Disney since I was five and Master’s never been so it was impossible for us to gage how little time we’d be spending in the room outside of sleep and showers. The warnings from my parents did little to convince us. We had to learn for ourselves.

The flight was mostly uneventful – a little bumpy at most – and I found myself pretending the bumps were just like bumps on the road, only caused by clouds, to ease my mind and any anxiety I was feeling went right out the window. We were about twelve minutes early touching down on the first flight and about five minutes late touching down on the second. Disney has this package called the Magical Expressway which is a fleet of tour buses that pick up customers who are staying in Disney resorts from the airport in Orlando and carries them and their carry-on luggage to the resort they’re staying in. They play an en route video that describes a little of what you’re getting into. Our driver gave probably the best piece of advice I’ve heard. He said, “It’s hot out there so drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen. And parents, don’t try to keep up with your kids because you can’t. Pace yourself or you’ll find you need a vacation after your vacation.”

We got to the hotel around 2:30 – 3:00 and our luggage hadn’t made it yet. We expected it to run a little late so we got cleaned up a bit and headed into Downtown Disney – where all the shopping is! And boy was it hot! Dad took us on a boat ride on a pontoon boat. That was nice. We had dinner at the cafeteria in the hotel and then settled ourselves into a couple of beach chairs with a couple of drinks. We were there for eight days and only had a six day park hopper pass so the first and last days had to be spent outside of the parks.

The coolest thing about Downtown Disney had to be the LEGO creations. There was a giant T-Rex, the Loch Ness Monster, a family, a shark and some fish all built out of LEGOs. Rather cool. And they had a bunch of tables with LEGOs in the pockets and a large playing space for kids to go try to create things.

On Saturday we went to MGM. That’s Dad’s favorite park and it’s home to Dad’s favorite restaurant so we went there first since Dad foots the bill. We went on the Back Lot Tour and watched a car stunt show and the Indiana Jones stunt show. They were both really cute. Dad and I got on the Tower of Terror and that was awesome! After the Back Lot Tour we started adding to our shot glass collection. We ended up bringing home more shooters than shot glasses but nine times out of ten the shooters were better looking. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab my Tinker Bell shot glass. Next time, I suppose.

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