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Harddrive == Dead

October 29th, 2007 No comments

It’s always fun to come home to problems. I turned my computer on and began a blog telling you about our trip, got up to go to the bathroom and heard “Uh… your computer just rebooted itself. Does it usually do that?” As I’m getting myself together and getting out of the bathroom, He says “Uh oh… it’s not booting.”

The harddrive is dead. And I’m FREAKING. My book’s on there. All my photos. My poetry. Everything. With as many times as I’ve lost all of my writing throughout the course of my life, I’m | | this close to giving up. Master’s trying to recover at least some of what’s on my computer. It’s not going well. So far I’ve managed not to completely freak out. It’s probably not far down the road though.

So the entry about our trip is going to wait, I guess. At least until tomorrow. Which sucks, cause I had an article of relevance I wanted to put up tomorrow. Ah well. We’re home, in any case 🙂 Miss us?

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