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October 15th, 2007

So, in three days (October 19th) we’re getting on a plane and heading to Orlando, FL. Our destination is Magic Kingdom! However, I’ve been instructed to let everyone know that while we’re living our second childhood for a week we’ll be open to meeting whoever is in the area. We’ll be in Orlando from October 19th until October 26th. If you’re in the area and would like to meet up somewhere, email Master at rahl@mindcryme.com and He’ll work something out.

The state of ID while we’re gone… I’m still not privy to that information. I’ll let you know as soon as I know. Nothing like last minute decisions, eh? ::laughs:: We’ll have internet access and a laptop so I could write at night or while Master’s in the shower or whatever. We’ll see, I guess.

Enjoy your week! I can’t wait for this one to end so I can get on the damn plane!

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