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Before I started reading other blogs, I wrote my own without worrying about who was talking about what or who thought what or whose feelings I might hurt. Before I started reading other blogs, I didn’t care who was reading me or who was commenting. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t part of the cool kids’ club because I wasn’t on LJ or Blogger or Word Press. I wasn’t worried about all the bells and whistles that the big sites have. Who cares, really, about cuts and friend lists and blog rolls?

Except, now I do. Now the popularity of the site has become a major thing for me. I look at the people I read and all the comments they get and such and I’m feeling incredibly inadequate. I want to be part of the cool kids’ club!

I’m trying to figure out OpenID. It’s not infallible, but it looks like the easiest way to stop having to comment anonymously. I’m not sure what good that will do as it doesn’t seem to link back to our site. But at least you’ll know who I am!!

Master’s hit a sort of roadblock with the new version of the site. With our vacation coming up and His job lately, He’s got almost no time to work on it. But, basically, what it comes down to is He can’t decide on the new layout. Most of the time, I love His perfectionist attitude, but not having RSS is driving me insane. ::laughs::

Anyway, looking at this I can’t figure out whether this is a bad thing or not. My blog was always supposed to be a place for people to come to see the reality of a 24/7 Master/slave relationship. Or, our reality anyway. For people to see that things aren’t always perfect and we both screw up from time to time. It was originally supposed to be completely one-sided (with occasional interjections of Master’s opinions from either myself or from Him) and He decided He wanted a place for Him to do it Himself (hence the rarely used section He has).

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