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Aiding and Abetting

September 27th, 2007

I’ve been warring with myself about posting this and I’ve decided it doesn’t really matter. That might sound harsh to the person this is about, but it’s true and I’d rather be honest.

I was messaged a while back by a slave who is required to get permission from her owner before speaking to anyone – dominant, submissive, vanilla – online. I don’t know much about their situation. I’ve been overly cautious in speaking with her. She made clear to me that her owner doesn’t know she talks to me.

This puts me in an odd position. First, it makes me feel completely out of line for talking to her. In talking to her, I’m going against her owner’s rules for her and I feel like that means I’m going against my owner’s rules for me. I’m aiding and abetting defiance of another man. I’m not allowed to defy any men. Well, unless they want me to do something that is against Master’s rules.

Next, it makes me feel… unworthy I guess. She wants to talk to me, but not bad enough to ask permission. There could be any number of reasons for this. He doesn’t like me. He’s trying to cut her off from the rest of the world. She already knows the answer will be no for whatever reason. She’s looking for a small way to defy him. Or, while she wants to talk to me, she doesn’t want anyone to know. That’s about the extent of the reasons I can come up with right now. One cup of coffee just doesn’t get me going like it used to.

She says to me, “Master doesn’t live with me and only visits once in a while so he won’t catch me.” and things of the like. And all I can think is, “I used to think something similar about a different set of rules. I got caught.” And I can only imagine what this man will think of me (if he doesn’t already have an opinion of me) if he finds out I’m aiding his slave in breaking his rules. What will he think of my training?

She claims she speaks to many people without his knowledge and has never been caught before. And my original thought was “Well, if she talks to a ton of people, what’s one more?” But the more I got messages from her, the more worried I became about whether or not having these conversations was bad judgment on my part. The more conscious I became about the fact that this just might be breaking my rules as well.

Nothing written, obviously. I don’t have any written (or spoken) rule that says, “Thou shalt not speak to a slave who does not have permission to speak to you.” or, “Thou shalt not go along with a slave who is breaking the rules her owner has given her even if it’s not against your rules.” But it feels like it’s something that should go without saying. And I feel like I’m doing something shady by talking to her when I know her owner doesn’t know and would like to.

I told her I don’t feel comfortable speaking with her knowing that she’s being disobedient to talk to me. She told me that’s her decision to make, but is it really? In allowing myself to speak with her, am I getting myself into just as much trouble? Am I making myself look bad? And how is it her decision whether or not I go along with it? And since when do slaves get to make these decisions anyway?

The question is, does it matter? Should I be talking to her with the knowledge that she’s willfully breaking her owner’s rules? I don’t think I should. And I haven’t brought it to Master yet. The reason I haven’t is because I wanted to work it out for myself. See if I was equipped to work it out for myself. But I’m starting to think I should have. Give it to Him to decide. Is that a cop out?

In any case, it probably doesn’t matter anymore. When she reads this, she won’t be interested in talking to me anyway. People don’t like to be called on their faults, though this is really about my faults and not hers. Which is fine. I’m desperate for other slaves to talk to but I’m not sure a slave who willfully disobeys her owner to speak to people rather than just ask if she can is the type of influence I’m looking for. And I know it’s not the type of slave Master will want/allow me to become friends with.

And I am so not taking the “high and mighty” road with this. I will be the first one to admit that I’m not the “perfect slave”. It just feels wrong. And when things feel wrong, that usually means they are wrong.

So, in short, get your owner’s permission! I’d love to speak with you on any number of subjects. But I just can’t do it while knowing you’re breaking the rules he has set for you. It seriously screws with my slavey morals. Intentional defiance is quite often a sign of a much deeper problem in these types of relationships. Perhaps you should talk to him. Get things straight with the two of you. Then come talk to me. Or not. Whichever suits you.

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