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Screaming From Mountain Tops

September 25th, 2007

The end of last week and the start of this week have been pretty amazing. Master and I have been spending so much of our “off time” together, just hanging out, doing what we enjoy, having a blast.

And every time I’m about to tell everyone something good, something bad happens and I lose interest.

I am in serious need of at least one submissive friend. No, not submissive. Slave. Someone as close to my position as possible, I think. I suppose that means I should stop pushing people away and actually talk to those who reach out. Stop expecting the worst of people and actually give someone a chance. As badly as that’s gone in the past, it scares me. And losing friends is emotionally and spiritually exhausting.

Anyway, Saturday, Master and I climbed a mountain. I’m going to tell you the good if it kills me. Before we climbed the mountain, we walked around Lake George. We got pizza for lunch, did a little shopping and then headed toward Pilot’s Knob Preserve. When we got to Pilot’s Knob, I got nervous. Eight tenths of a mile up a very narrow (at times only big enough to walk with one foot directly in front of the other), very rocky, very steep trail that probably – okay not probably, definitely – could have been marked better. With two bottles of water and cranberries. We seriously need some of those backpacks that you can fill with water.

When we got to the top, even though I felt like I was dying, it was well worth it. You could see all of the lake, the mountains, the sun getting ready to set… It was gorgeous. And there was this old gazebo. And then the rain. Big plopping drops. We thought we were going to get stuck in it. Going down while it was raining would have been almost impossible.

Master took pictures. I was too tired. I said “Next time.” I laid on the bare boards and imagined what it would be like to own a house up there. I plotted out where our bedroom and office would go. Our living room would look out over the lake with big bay windows that opened out and white cotton curtains floating on the breeze. I wonder how much it would take to get the NYS Wildlife Preservation Society to not fight it if I suddenly got rich and wanted to buy the land. Probably a lot of money and another equally interesting piece of land, I’m betting.

Yesterday, we got up at about 4:30 (by accident – we both just woke up and couldn’t sleep anymore). He pulled me to Him and fucked my ass and then sent me off to the shower. We went to one of the local parks and took sunrise pictures over the lake. Then we stopped into Dunkin Donuts (We’re out of breakfast food! Grocery run tonight… bleh!) and grabbed breakfast and headed home. He ate, changed and headed off to work. I ate, changed, talked to Him online and then headed off to work. And I was in such a good mood all day!

In any case… I need to start cleaning the kitchen. I’ve wanted to do it for days and now Master’s ordered me to. I need more time in my days. Just a few more hours would work. Please, Mr. President? Or someone? Anyone?

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