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Dark Fantasy

September 18th, 2007

I have a lot of them.

I imagine laying beneath Master while His hands close my throat. He croons to me about His ownership as He shows me how close to death I can come without actually dying. He cuts me and I run my fingers through rivulets of my own blood. I bring my fingers to my lips and breathe in the metallic scent as my tongue snakes out to taste the sticky sweet red liquid staining my skin.

I daydream about my own rape and damage done that will heal but is excruciating while I wait. Of being used like a worthless piece of pussy. Tortures saved for only the lowest of whores.


I imagine the look in His eyes as He forces me to endure unspoken horrors. The pleasure and primal enjoyment. The pride and happiness.

I listen to His voice, an ominous whisper, telling me who and what I am and how I will be treated for the rest of my life. And I cum to the tune of the low grunts and growls in the back of His throat as He obliterates my tender pussy with forceful thrusts of His cock and too big toys and anything else He enjoys stuffing me with.

And now I’m horny. Are you?

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