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New layout? RSS?

Master is working on a new layout for this site. He was never really satisfied with this one (though I always thought it was pretty close to perfect) and finally decided to go for the gusto and get it the way He wants it. This means He’s figuring out how to get RSS working with the editor we use. Aren’t you excited?? I am. 🙂

I just am completely confused. Why don’t men say what they mean? Today Master told me to bust my ass getting the house spotless because the landlord’s coming over tomorrow. Not that there’s a whole lot to do, but He gets all freaked out about little stuff I don’t do that often. Things like wiping down the walls and baseboards.

So I do. And I’m steadily becoming frustrated. Aside from being completely and utterly exhausted and in pain (damn my fucked up back anyway), the little things are taking FOREVER. And I have to leave for work in less than an hour!

I say, “Master this is taking forever. I’m never going to get it all done.” He says “Slow down. You’ve got tonight and tomorrow morning too.”

Uh… what? Sheesh!

So I decided to squeeze in a blog entry and attempt to write. I have a great idea. I stole it from one of my residents’ lives. I’m sure it’s been done before. But that’s okay.

One of these days I suppose I should sit down and work through trying to finish the things I’ve already started. Get them done and get them submitted to magazines and such. We’ll see I guess.

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