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I need a break.

September 6th, 2007

From work! Damn my job is taxing.

Master was cruel Tuesday night. I can’t even bring myself to say specifically how. Thinking about that night brings tears to my eyes. Before that, we went through a small rough patch. A few days when I forgot how to shut my mouth. Master shut it for me.

Things are settling down now. I’m slowly getting over the effects of Tuesday night. I think things are going to be all right.

I can’t wait till October. I am in serious need of a break from work. The stress of juggling work and our relationship is wearing me down. I’m still having trouble keeping them separate. Bad day at work? Come home and be a bitch to Master. Bad day at home? Go to work and have little to no patience with the residents. I need to work on that. If it turns out it’s just too much, I guess I’ll be on the job hunt again. I probably should be anyway. Working with needy people is really taxing and I’m tired of feeling like I have nothing left for Master at the end of the day.

*sigh* Hopefully having a three day weekend next week will help some.

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