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Poll, Links and Unslavelike Behavior

August 29th, 2007 No comments

First things first. I made up a poll (the first of a series
Iâ??ll be putting up in the near future) and I ask that you guys please, please
respond to it. Iâ??m attempting to get Master interested in getting RSS set up
here. One of the hardest things, being a slave, is not having the right to say
â??Hey, You! Yeah, You! Big man! Get your butt in here and do this for me!â? Okay
thatâ??s not true. Even if I was free, I wouldnâ??t ask like that (unless I was
honest to gods joking). But it is hard for me, sometimes, wanting so much to
have something, knowing that the only way to get it is through Master, and
having absolutely no bargaining chips! Although I suppose I have one. Behaving
usually gets me some things I want. Little rewards when I go above and beyond.

And without further ado, Iâ??ll stop babbling and give you
your post. Okay so maybe I wonâ??t stop babbling. But Iâ??ll give you your post in
any case.

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