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Lawn Sail, and Other Things

August 25th, 2007 Comments off

Master’s probably looking forward to this blog entry. I’ve thought about writing without mentioning last night to spite Him (kidding) but I’m not sure that would benefit anyone. However, writing about last night is proving difficult. It’s not something I’ve ever been put through before.

Master and I goof off quite a bit at times. Flirty wrestling and teasing tickling and pinching and biting (though He usually swats me when I bite Him if I ignore the warning tone in His voice when He says “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”). In these “wrestling” matches, it’s almost impossible to not accidentally get spit on in the heat of the moment. And I’ve always exclaimed in indignation “You just spit on me!” while wiping where ever His spittle accidentally landed on His skin.

For a while, His response was “Oops.”, “You’ll live.” or “Oh, sorry!” (sometimes sincere, sometimes sarcastic), but always both of us was laughing. Recently, His responses have turned to “So?” and I ignored the change. Read more…

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