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Caution: Disaster Zone

August 23rd, 2007

This first week of T’s (boss at work) vacation has been a disaster. She either just didn’t care what she ordered or she was looking at the wrong menu. But we have nothing that we need to feed the residents this week. We’ve been patching together menus each day with the hope that we don’t get any real complaints.

On top of that, everyone’s quitting. The housekeeper, one 8-4 PCA, the LPN and perhaps the administrator. We’ve already lost one 4-12 PCA, a second starts a new job on the 27th, the 12-8 PCA is in the hospital, the activities director has made it clear that she’s leaving if the administrator leaves and another 4-12 PCA is going to weekends in September because she’s going back to college.

I am not looking forward to the mayhem that’s going to ensue once all of this takes place. If I wasn’t a slave, I’d be finding a way to bail real soon. But Master likes my job being so close, so I guess I’m stuck riding the waves. Could get real interesting.

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