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Where to?

August 21st, 2007

Short, uninteresting entry behind :/ Writer's block is a cruel animal.

So I had intended to write about my lack of writing about
scenes as they happened but I have no idea where I wanted to go with that. Masterâ??s
working and Iâ??m writing this and watching a video every now and then. Work
sucked, but it almost always does. Thankfully, Master and I picked out dinner
for tonight a couple days ago so we didnâ??t have to go to the store.

Master chained me after I put together our plates and got
ready to eat. He said that from now on Iâ??ll be chained when I get home from
work. Iâ??m loving it. Being violently ripped from the surface and dragged back
under to drown in submission at the end of the day is exactly what I needed. I
know, though, that I will always need more. Just an armâ??s reach away I can feel
the nag of wanting, craving, hungering for entire days and weeks of being
chained in place.

Master misinterprets this, sometimes, as me being impossible
to please. Thatâ??s not it, though. Not really. Itâ??s that Iâ??m pleased and then I
get comfortable. And when I get comfortable Iâ??m ready to push the envelope
again. Iâ??m always wanting to see how far weâ??ll push. How far weâ??ll go. Where weâ??ll
end up.

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