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Just In Case

August 15th, 2007

A note to our friends and readers:

In case you don't hear from me till Saturday or Sunday, wanted to
make sure you guys know I'll be back! I'm going to do my best to keep
up with my blogging, but my father arrives this evening and I'm not
entirely sure how much time I'll have. I'm the type who gets completely
paranoid about boring my family when they come and so I try to schedule
tons of things to do when they're here. Sometimes makes for hectic
visits but we have fun. And they always come back 🙂

It's a
shame my mother couldn't get time off and come. I'm still not used to
just my dad coming to visit. My mom used to come over all the time by
herself, but never my dad. Very bizarre.

In any case, have a great rest of your week and enjoy your weekend!

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