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August 5th, 2007

What fun we had! We're both a bit sunburned, though. :hmm:

Yesterday was an absolute blast. I mean, amazing.

Master's company picnic… Summer Fest, they call it… was yesterday. Last year they had it at The Great Escape and Splash Water Kingdom
(owned and operated by Six Flags, Inc.) in Lake George, NY and everyone
had a great time so they decided to hold it there again. We decided to
make it somewhat leisurely, even though both of us are adrenaline
junkies, and only went on two rides (The Comet and The Magic Carpet
Ride). We played lots of games, watched a diving show and watched the
CEO go on the Sky Coaster with another employee and his wife. It was
great. Total, we won ten prizes but brought home three because I traded
in eight of them for a purple octopus. Why yes, yes I am an odd bird.
Thanks for noticing

After dinner, we went into Lake George and played air hockey in one of
the arcades. Master kicked my ass, as usual, but His friend beat Him once or
twice. We went shopping in a candle making store and got some really
cute candles and went into a nice head shop and bought some incense, a
new tongue ring for me, a necklace for Master and a new glass piece (I collect
glass pieces). Then we went to a little pretend shooting range set up
like the old west and shot a few rounds of lasers.

Parking in Lake George was atrocious, but this lady a couple of blocks
back from the strip was parking people on her lawn so we paid her for
parking and walked in to the strip.

I found new Vitamin Water flavors I didn't know existed. That was
great. And Master and I have decided to go back after He gets paid. I
can't wait. The only draw back, then, is going to be that we don't get
free food and drinks and that could get expensive. But you don't have
to stay in the park, so we can pop over to someplace like McDonalds or
Burger King and maybe buy a sports bottle or two for ice and water
while we're in the park. Unless, of course, they charge for water too.
They might. And that'd be sucky.

Anywho, despite any efforts made, by someone we really didn't want to
see, to ruin our day (if there were any efforts made… who knows?), we
had a blast. I can't wait to go back. Hopefully next time I'll have
shorts to wear. It was way too hot for jeans and me only having jeans
to wear was the reason we didn't get to go in the water park
I gotta get our closet cleaned out so I can see if I still have my
bathing suit and if it still fits. Then I gotta go grab a cheap pair of
running shorts and a T-shirt. And new sneakers! I had to sew my
sneakers to fix them so I could wear them yesterday

And… I love Master more. So there

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