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I love to be leashed when He holds the other end or attaches
it to something. I would never even dream of taking it off without permission
so the fact that only a clip holds it to me doesnâ??t register in my mind. It
might as well be an unbreakable padlock. I feel owned, protectedâ?¦ My place is
undeniable. My status unforgettable.

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Blogging Mess

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Oops 🙁

I had this awesome blog outlined. This time I did write it down. Was all ready to write it for you guys and everything. But wouldn’t it just figure that right after I wrote a blog saying you could count on me to have my blog up every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Master decides to stay home on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday we have to go to His company picnic. Not that I’m complaining. I love it when He’s home and the picnic’s at The Great Escape (an amusement park).

And! He plans to stay home today as well and keep me chained on the floor so I might not be getting it up today either. Sorry guys.

Have a great day!

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