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Hurts So Good

July 29th, 2007

After a few moments of silence, He fisted His hand in my
hair and shoved my face into the mattress. I intended to count so I could
proudly display how many Iâ??d taken this time. But alas, I was so caught up in
the pain, and the odd wetness growing between my thighs, that I lost count at

Iâ??m not sure how it came about but Thursday Master decided
it was time to mete out a punishment that was long overdue. Another ten with
the cane. And yet, He had more in mind. After
beating me, He offered me a reward in return for begging for five more. He was
obviously enjoying my reaction to the cane.

I laid there silent, aside from the sniffles and soft
whimpers, and thought about it. Which did I want more? To be done with the cane
or to get the reward? Except what I wanted more was to be beaten more. And so I
told Him so.

After a few moments of silence, He fisted His hand in my
hair and shoved my face into the mattress. I intended to count so I could
proudly display how many Iâ??d taken this time. But alas, I was so caught up in
the pain, and the odd wetness growing between my thighs, that I lost count at

After the first torrent of lashes, He pulled my head up from
the mattress and growled â??Do you want more, little cunt?â?

I froze for a moment. Waitâ?¦ Youâ??re not supposed to be
asking me that.
Iâ??m supposed to say more, Youâ??re supposed to decide how
Eventually I nodded hesitantly and He shoved my face back in the
mattress and whaled on me again. He proceeded to tell me I wouldnâ??t control
things and I laid there thinking But I just did!

Until after He asked if that was enough for me. I moaned â??Yes!â?
almost immediately and almost immediately wanted to take it back. You donâ??t
take things back with Master, though. Itâ??s actually in the rules Heâ??s given me (in
not so many words). Usually, if I give myself a minute before answering, I find
that I can, in fact, take more. Sometimes, however, in the heat of the moment,
I canâ??t make my mouth wait until my body has cooled off a bit.

Thankfully, it didnâ??t matter to Master whether Iâ??d had
enough or not. Periodically throughout the rest of what He had to say, He would
whack me with the cane again. Sometimes harder than before Iâ??d answered that I
had, in fact, had enough.

He sent me off to collect my reward and then ordered me to
my hands and knees. By this time, my clit was super sensitiveâ?¦ ramming myself
back against His dick, His balls slapping against my clit with full forceâ?¦ it
was a disaster waiting to happen.

Tonight, when we got home from the cemetery, He sent me to
the bathroom to plug my ass and then ordered me into the shower with Him. It
wasnâ??t long before He turned His back to me and said â??Lick.â? I licked and
kissed His back, the need that had been almost frantic before the plug and had
kicked into frantic after the plug zooming well-passed overdrive and into

I worked down His back and over His ass, trying to refrain
from wincing at the too-salty flavor of the sweat that had been running down
both our bodies in the cemetery now dried on our skin. At His knees, He
suggested I not go any lower as His calves had been exposed during our treks
through overgrown plots. I worked back up and eventually He turned around. I
slithered top to bottom, fully intending to go down His thighs as I had before
but for the rigid cock bouncing happily before my eyes that completely derailed

I began to suck and lick hungrily at the shaft taking in as
much as I could. I held His legs and the walls of the shower in effort to keep
my knees from sliding out from underneath me. And finally, I braced myself
against the wall of the tub and let go. He chose this moment to grab a fistful
of hair and brutally fuck my throat.

I couldnâ??t breathe. I would attempt huge lungs-full of air
through my nose only to have them slammed out of me again before my aching
chest had grasped its fill. For the first time in a long time my gag reflex
kicked in. I managed to keep from vomiting on His dick and continued grasping
for air. Just as Iâ??d start to panic, Heâ??d stop.

When He came, it was deep in my throat. I felt the hot
liquid shoot out of the tiny hole in the head of His prick and relief filled my
oxygen-deprived brain. Until I choked. Thankfully, I recovered from that

â??Wash up.â?

So I did.

Not long after, I followed Him into the bedroom and lay on
the bed behind Him.

â??Lick, bitch.â?

I began licking and kissing His back again, only He was on
His side and it made it sort of difficult. Iâ??m not sure how long He made me do
this. Only that, to my already slave-spaced mind, it felt like a million years.
And with each swipe of my tongue on a new, tender, sensitive piece of flesh, my
clit began to throb harder and my pussy began, once again, to drool.

â??Iâ??m going to use you for whatever I want from now on. I donâ??t
care if you enjoy it. I donâ??t care if you get bored.â?

I realized this needed only one response and whispered, â??Yes,

I found myself lapping hungrily at the soft flesh of His
balls from between the backs of His thighs and then slipping up between His
cheeks to dip into His puckered ass hole. Usually this is a sure shot to some
part of my body being on His cock, but He had meant what He said and I
continued to lick. Finally, after what seemed like days, I was stroking His
cock slowly while I lapped at various body parts. My body reacted immediately.
Quickening of breath, elevated heart rateâ?¦

â??Turn over, whore.â?

I turned to my side and braced myself for the first hard
thrust into my pussy that would jar the plug. And then His nails dug into my
flesh and my slippery pussy just got more and more slippery as He fucked me
from behind. The sensation of being both fucked in the cunt and fucked in the
ass on top of being clawed and slapped and punched was almost too much for me
to bear. And I bounced back against Him until He came so hard He gave Himself a
leg cramp. I whimpered and squirmed expecting to be left in this perilous
state. And I moaned with happy gratitude when He ordered me to cum for Him.

If thereâ??s a better fuck in the world, I donâ??t want to find him.
Heâ??ll surely kill me. Sorry I'm late… Yesterday was a little too busy. 


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