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Thanks and Animosity

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First I want to say thank you to everyone for the feedback I’ve been receiving over the passed week. It’s really nice to hear from our readers. Makes it easier to keep writing. I haven’t quite reached a place, yet, where I can say I write for myself. I don’t know that I ever will. Some slaves use online journals/blogs as a place for furthering communication between their owner and themselves. Master and I use our blog as a place to communicate with other people in the lifestyle. A place to show that not everyone’s perfect and not everyone even pretends to be and to get feedback from people who agree or disagree with our ideas. So, when we actually get feedback on it, I feel like
we’re accomplishing our goal to some extent.

I’ve recently learned the valuable lesson of knowing my audience. Things you post on one website may not necessarily go over well on another. The funny thing is, I have never really viewed myself as arrogant or conceited. I guess because I know that I’m not trying to force my views on people and I know that I’m not saying “My way is the only way!” Maybe I should say that more often in the things that I type? Or maybe I should just avoid the
places that have such different views? Who knows? What’s important is I think I’ve finally learned my lesson.

So let’s see. Other than that I hadn’t really planned out something to write today. It’s really hard to keep this up on my own with no suggestions on what to write about. I say that a lot, I guess. So maybe today will be about animosity between slaves. Read more…

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