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On Gorean Philosophy

July 19th, 2007

This is sort of a rant and it’s based on a forum thread.  Buuuut, I’m not going to point fingers because I try not to do that.

Recently I was participating in a discussion.  The topic is irrelevant to what I want to rant about and would probably make clear who I’m discussing if they were ever to read this so in the spirit of not pointing fingers…

Can you tell I’m not sure how to start this?

So anyway, the place, as most places, caters to people involved in all facets of the D/s dynamic from dominant and sub to master (mistress) and slave to [[Goreans]].  I’m not really sure what category Master and I fall under anymore.  I’m also not sure it matters.  I know that we hold a lot of the same beliefs as true [[Gor]] (the philosophies that can be applied to real life, not the sci-fi aspect) but we also hold some beliefs that don’t seem to fit under any label hat.  But the point is I spent a good deal of time studying Gor and intend to delve back into the books and finish reading the ones I haven’t in the very near future.  I’m on book 18, I think.

I don’t claim to be an expert.  I need to read the entire series about ten more times for that.  But I know what I know.  And one of the most important slave-related Gorean philosophies is that a slave is a slave to all free people, men or women, and should behave as such.  Deference to the free is one of the first things a slave is taught.

Now, Master and I believe that women are naturally submissive.  Women should defer to men in all things.  Perhaps not necessarily enslaved, but definitely subservient in the least.

I’m not so stupid that I don’t know that not everyone feels this way.  I’ll even go so far as to say that I generally don’t discuss this belief to avoid confrontation.  It’s not worth arguing over.  You believe differently, neither of us is going to change the other’s mind, who cares? But Goreans agree with this belief.  At least, the ones in the books do, even if not all of the self-proclaimed Goreans on Earth do.

Regardless of this factoid, Goreans definitely believe that slaves should defer to anyone who is not a slave and sometimes to other slaves.  This means a Gorean slave should treat any dominant male or female with respect.  Even if the dominant in question is not Gorean.  Especially if the slave does not agree with something the dominant in question says.  And definitely if the dominant in question says something that irritates the slave.

Yet, I see it all the time.  Slaves refusing to acknowledge the presence of a free person because they don’t like them.  Slaves popping off at free people because something they say bothers them.  Slaves running their mouths to a BDSM oriented dominant male and feeling they’re right in doing so.

And if that’s not bad enough, their owners say… nothing.  They allow it.

If you prefer your slave only defer to you, that’s fine.  But in so doing, you cannot claim to be Gorean.  Fortunately, there is a specific definition for “Gorean slave”, or a [[kajira]], and a kajira is mastered by anyone free even if only one person owns her.  Especially if only one person owns her.  On Gor, a slave is nothing but property.  That much is true.
However, the books specifically mention “true love masters and slaves”.  Men who fall in love with slaves and hold them to higher standards than other slaves in an attempt to remain strong in their relationship with owned flesh.  Women who fall in love with free men, and submit with more fervency to that man while remaining deferential to all men and women of higher stature.

This love was not the love of a man for his valuable property.  It was not the love of a man and his car.  It was the love of a man and a woman held in check by the collar around her throat.  It was a love that did not make the man weak, but forced him to be stronger.  To exhibit his control over the thing that he loved best.  To exhibit his control over himself.

True, the couple had to come to terms with living in very different worlds.  True, they had to accept that the rules they lived by were very different.  They had to understand that theirs was not a love between equals.  But they were in love with each other regardless.  Not despite their different stature, but because of it.  There are many different beliefs regarding the love between a master and slave in the many different facets of dominance and submission.  Some say it’s not possible.  Some say it’s a myth.  I don’t agree.

Love makes it harder.  It complicates a relationship that could be so simple.  A man who loves his property must resign himself to knowing that he will eventually hurt her feelings, break her heart, damage her in some way, and he will have to pick up the pieces and build her again.  A woman who loves her owner must resign herself to knowing that his love  for her will not sway his judgment, afford her leniency, protect her from punishment.  And they both must trust that the other will hold to their side of the bargain regardless of the love they share.

I am in love with Master Melen.  He owns every part of me.  He’s inside my head every minute of the day.  And when
He has to punish me, it breaks my heart.  Both because I’ve wronged Him and because I’ve wronged myself.  It’s a much better day when I can look up at the one who owns me and feel His love for me rather than His disappointment.  His hurt.

Master Melen is in love with me.  He owns every part of me.  I could break His heart just as quickly as I can make it swell with pride.  And yet, I trust Him to punish me when I’ve done wrong.  Not despite our love, but because of it.

If He didn’t love me, if I didn’t love Him, He would be just as hard on me.  Things wouldn’t change.  I would still be His slave.  I would still be His to do with as He pleases.  That He does love me and I love Him makes it that much more ecstatic to be owned by Him.  It adds an extra flair to the way I serve Him.  Just as His ownership adds an extra oomph to our love.  Romantic love is not something you choose.  It just happens.  And it doesn’t change who you are, where you stand.  It just changes how you see things.

I am in love with my Master and He is in love with me.  And you know what? I don’t really care if that makes me less of a slave in your eyes.  I don’t care if to you that means He doesn’t really own me.  I feel sorry for you.  Because being this hopelessly devoted to the one who owns me is amazing.  And I wouldn’t deny anyone this pleasure for all the philosophies in the world.

I suppose I could be wrong about them (the people I’m speaking about).  Maybe they’re not Gorean.  Maybe they just share some of the online Gorean ways.  That would make sense, I suppose.  Either way, they’re missing out.

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  1. October 10th, 2010 at 14:50 | #1

    Kudos to you!!! I am also in love with my Master and He in love with me. It does make the Master/slave relationship a little tougher but so much more fulfilling. It is sad that some feel it weakens a Master to love His slave that much. It is not impossible or a myth. I have seen it happen in more than one case and it is a beautiful thing.

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