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Gardening, Painting, and a Suicidal Fish

July 7th, 2007

We’ve spent the majority of the day making both the inside and the outside of our house look better.

I weeded the garden and, with a heavy heart, cut down the saplings that were growing in it.  Unfortunately, they were growing off of the roots of an old tree on the other side of the fence so I was unable to dig them up and relocate them.  I have no idea how to keep a tree growing from a cutting otherwise I would have done it that way.  I can probably still save them if anyone has destructions.  It wasn’t that long ago.

Master’s been painting.  And painting.  And painting.  Whoever painted this apartment obviously wasn’t too concerned with how nice it looked.  There are spots on walls that were never painted, spots obviously missed by the second coat, nail holes that were spackled after the wall was painted, etc.

We had to empty the fish tank and take the gravel out so we could move it.  Since we’d long ago decided that the brightly colored rock looked cheesy, we decided to go buy the rock we wanted in it (that I suggested we use in the first place).  The fish have been chilling in buckets since the “Great Aquarium Move”.

We put old window screening (that’s never done more than sit rolled up in a trunk because we bought more than we needed) over the tops of the buckets and tied it down figuring that would be sufficient since we’ve never really had a “jumping fish” incident before.

The moral of the story is the African Butterfly Fish doesn’t like buckets.  And he’s pretty smart.  He keeps jumping toward where the aquarium was before we emptied it and moved it away from the wall.  I still haven’t figured out how he’s getting out.  Hopefully this won’t take much longer.

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