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Showing Appreciation to a Slave

June 3rd, 2007

I spent much of this past week in the hospital with a nasty infection and abscess that was buried deep in my back muscle. Not the best time I’ve had in my life, that’s for sure.

As expected, rayne stayed by my side and was available for whatever I needed the entire time, missing a weeks worth of work herself.

When we were finally able to come home yesterday, her work wasn’t over, as she needed to whip the house into shape as I’ll be having a visiting nurse daily stop in to change the dressing on my back. We’re not messy people, but in the past couple of weeks a lot less got done due to me being sick, so it was a few hours of work.

This entire situation got me to thinking. I am generally a polite person, manners were something I was taught when I was growing up. So when a nurse brings my pain medication, or I needed to ask for something, it was always accompanied with “Please” and “Thank you”, whereas if I needed rayne to get me something it was more an order, without the pleasantries.

Briefly I felt guilty about this, I must confess. While rayne can be a pain in the rear at times, when it matters she’s usually on best behavior. So I spent some time thinking about this.

As I’ve said before, a slave is a slave. A slave is property and a slaves sole purpose is the pleasing of her Owner (and whoever else her Owner directs her to please). This is without pleasantries, largely without being shown thanks at all, as this just is the purpose of a slave. I believe this is how things should be. Times such as these, when a Master is in the hospital, it could become very easy for a relationship to turn quite vanilla. This is understandable in most peoples eyes, but one should be cautioned that it can be difficult to get back into your original roles once things get back to normal, so best not to go there at all.

However, it’s not outside of a Masters desire, at times, to show appreciation to his slave for “going the extra mile” without needing his hand guiding her every minute of the day. This appreciation, I believe, must fit into the context of the relationship, however. I would caution all those that own a slave to not give in to a moment of emotion and step outside of the role they’ve chosen for themselves. That’s not to say showing emotion is bad, but that one should be careful what one gives or shows a slave out of appreciation (i.e. giving the slave control over the house finances because she was “good” would be a ridiculous idea).

So, I think I have it. One night soon rayne will be strapped down and whipped with my kangaroo leather flogger. As she is a masochist, and has been desiring a return to our regular playing, I think this meets the criteria, not to mention it’s a bit of a sacrifice for me to perform with the wound on my back. It holds another aspect in that the slave will be in a deferential position and her place will be reinforced.

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